Technical support of a website

Technical support of a website

is a necessary complex of actions for maintaining efficiency and increasing the effectiveness of your internet-resource.
It is necessary to update information, improve functional features, take care about backup, pay for domain and hosting etc. in order to get maximum result from your website


is a powerful marketing tool. But it is impossible to succeed without working on its development.

    What we offer:

  • Technical assistance

    Technical assistance

    We control your website efficiency every day to be able to respond quickly to any potential problems.
  • Information support

    Information support

    Updating website content, adding and editing website sections.
  • Programming


    If it is necessary to update or

    modify website functionality

    , you can do it within the technical support.
  • Design support

    Design support

    Website redesign

    , developing, creation, selection of photos and banners.

Technical website support

We will take care about everything connected with a website from content to programming.
Go into business, and we will take care of your website advertising needs!
Technical website support

Packages of services

Cost of a technical support

depends on number of hours spent by our specialists on the implementation of work

Rate for single orders – 1200 rub/hour

8 h.
Overall workload (content-manager, designer, maker-up or programmer) – up to 8 h.
9 200 rub.
16 h.
Overall workload (content-manager, designer, maker-up or programmer) – up to 16 h.
17 600 rub.
24 h.
Overall workload (content-manager, designer, maker-up or programmer) – up to 24 h.
24 000 rub.

What does technical support include?

    Technical assistance

  • 01Everyday control over website efficiency
  • 02Scheduled update of websites modules (what is very important for website safety)
  • 03Everyday backup of a website at front-end server
  • 04Eradicating viruses
  • 05Total control over hosting service work, and also interaction with technical support of hosting on all emergent issues
  • 06Control of payment for domain and hosting
  • 07Control and correcting errors


  • 01Updating functionality of a website

    Informational and design assistance

  • 01Adding new pages, products, articles, promotions, pictures
  • 02Editing current information
  • 03Changing website structure
  • 04Redesign of a website

    Additional information

  • 01The maximum response time for a task 8 hours
  • 02Monthly report on all implemented work
  • 03Our recommendations for website updating
  • 04Consultation on all issues

We work not only with technical support of websites, but with program and mobile applications support as well.

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