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Your website

will be a great opportunity to attract new clients and to create effective advertising cost-effectively. It is important to be aware that your web page is not just a site with information on it. Your website represents your company on the internet. When clients look at a website, they get their first impression about your company.

The goal in designing a website is to interest a potential client and to underline your advantages thereby attracting that clients business. This is why it should have a unique design, interesting text, contain necessary information, and to be convenient and user-friendly. We know how to achieve this goal and we will help you to create a positive image about your business.

    Advantages of our websites:

  • Comfortable websites
    Easy to manage
    Thanks to convenient managing system and built-in tools you can manage content, pages, and news easily.
  • Effective websites
    Effective and presentable

    creating design of a website

    , our main task is to focus attention on your advantages, and their effective demonstration to a client.
  • Effective website
    Created for sales
    Thanks to complex work and different unique features, your


    will not only compensate its cost quickly but will bring you a significant profit.
  • Quality guarantee
    We take care about our clients and provide guarantee for all kinds of services!
Online store

Online store

One quarter of Russian citizen buys things in online stores.

An online store

is what you need if you count on a great number of real clients. Widen the possibility of potential buyers and optimize your business!
Landing page

Landing page

From a business point of view, it is a page which slightly pushes a user to make a required action. Bright and informative pages attract customers to your site.
This will dispose him or her to become active in buying your products or subscribing to your

web page



It is a perfect decision for companies that would like to post information about them and their services in internet. Our


are developed on Wordpress platform and have online management office, with the help of which you will be able to update information and add new pages without easily.
Individual website

Individual website

Individual website

can perform many functions. It can be used to solve complex tasks. For example online booking the service, sophisticated calculators for estimations and others.
This kind of website is also good for those who want to focus on design and attractiveness of a website. We use modern technologies for individual website development and pay much attention to every detail.

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Technical website support

We will take care about everything connected with a website from content to programming.
Go into business, and we will take care of your website advertising needs!
Technical website support

Packages of services

Cost of a technical support

depends on number of hours spent by our specialists on the implementation of work

Rate for single orders – 1200 rub/hour

8 h.
Overall workload (content-manager, designer, maker-up or programmer) – up to 8 h.
9 200 rub.
16 h.
Overall workload (content-manager, designer, maker-up or programmer) – up to 16 h.
17 600 rub.
24 h.
Overall workload (content-manager, designer, maker-up or programmer) – up to 24 h.
24 000 rub.

What does technical support include?

    Technical assistance

  • 01Everyday control over website efficiency
  • 02Scheduled update of websites modules (what is very important for website safety)
  • 03Everyday backup of a website at front-end server
  • 04Eradicating viruses
  • 05Total control over hosting service work, and also interaction with technical support of hosting on all emergent issues
  • 06Control of payment for domain and hosting
  • 07Control and correcting errors


  • 01Updating functionality of a website

    Informational and design assistance

  • 01Adding new pages, products, articles, promotions, pictures
  • 02Editing current information
  • 03Changing website structure
  • 04Redesign of a website

    Additional information

  • 01The maximum response time for a task 8 hours
  • 02Monthly report on all implemented work
  • 03Our recommendations for website updating
  • 04Consultation on all issues
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