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Web-application for Info service

Company (customer) is a developer of Informational system of regulatory and technical documentation, which is the biggest Russian resource system in the area of regulatory and technical documentation.

Develop a web-application

for convenient access to online libraries and documents within them. Make it possible to get a paid access to libraries for users.
Libraries and documents are created by administrator. He sets prices and monitors payments.
You may log in to the service from the main page.
Users who didn’t log in may view only the main page. Those who logged in get the access to the library with documents and their personal account.
User’s account
User may view available libraries and documents, inside the library at Catalog page. User may control the table, defining which data he needs on the page with the help of button “Settings” above the catalog page.

User may filter documents by changes, choosing the date when the document was added or edited.
You may use advanced search to find a document you need instead of using the usual search.

If you often use the same characteristics of searching documents, save the filter, not to chose it again every time.

There is a button “Subscribe to notifications” and a filter, which leaves in the table only available documents for the user, also are here in the control panel.
There is all information about the document on its page, including all its changes. A user may save a document in favorites or print information about it.

If the library is not bought and a user doesn’t have full access to the document, the buttons “Activate the library” and “Order a document” arrear. A user who has full access to this library and may view electronic version of a document, sees button “Buy the printed version”.
A user may edit personal information, replenish the balance, view saved documents and filters, or any changes in documents and libraries, on which the user is subscribed to, and also buy access to new libraries and documents in the Personal account.
On the page Library managing it is available to buy or prolong the access to libraries. You should just choose what you need and pay.
Administrator may manage the settings and content of a service with thy help of the account.
Administrator’s account
There is all information about payments of users with a possibility to submit or cancel the payment on the page Payments.

On page Users it is available to add/edit/delete users of the service.

Managing their settings, libraries, viewing the history of their activity and payments are displayed here as well.

Administrator may send notifications to users, who are subscribes to certain documents.
You may add or edit documents on page Documents.
You can fill all information about the document, make any necessary changes, and load it here as well.
Libraries management is made from the account: administrator may create different license with different price and terms; loading news and managing the slider of the main page.
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